• Orlando whirlwind.  Wyndham Rewards. The Selby, PI & C-NY, ESW Productions.

    Something about stacks of waffles, inflatables and a trip to a Tiki Bar?

    Orlando, you are another mini-van filled planet and I’m sorry I bothered amazing Molly producer with really dumb questions, mostly about finding outlets and when I was going to paint a life ring, errr, once I found it.  Good times.

  • #truthsbetelling

    A new collage series have been working on for some time, on a subject that is both personal and reflective of many the harsh, relentless realities of domestic abuse.  A reality that I discovered so many of us share yet keep secret for various reasons…mostly different levels of fear, or not even realizing the confusing world you’re living in.  ’You made me do this because of your poison,’ became my norm and I didn’t even think it was abnormal.  

    A kind person told me once that I should not write it down, because it’s something that you want to forget.   Another said I had to fight to stop what cycle I could.  I chose to record through collage. Today I see it as exposing and understanding the truths that I was made to believe were my own, or slowly accept because I thought things would change…not knowing that the actions forced on me, or that I convinced myself of, were not a reality at all.  Realizing that I was living with someone else’s absolute lies, fears and sadness taken out on me first emotionally then physically is a hard truth to face. Most importantly, understanding that many others shared experiences that were creepily similar and often harder then my own. This was difficult to learn but comforting to know. 

    In the end these were not my truths at all, but the awful sad realities of someone I loved and harmed me, who now is just something that is part of the story of me, good and bad.  

    As I’ve learned, there is no prescribed time or way that will make healing go faster, and each of us has to find our voice the best way we can.  Speaking out does makes room for peace.

    I hope this series says something to you, or most importantly, helps show that violence can sneak up on anyone, any age, any gender at anytime.  And it is not ok.  Be safe and know your rights.

  • #matildapuppy: Yesterday as I was making last min checks on location, I found an oddly placed chicken bone on a 4th flr balcony. Thought of you Moo, wondering what new things you’ve seen, how many chicken bones you have found & been told to leave it, if your Pom pom ears are a hot mess, if you are still being Beansie’s most ardent protector, but mostly remembering how much you showed me. Thankful I was able to have your love & happiness, and occasional ruined household item for that brief time. Happy pretty girl. #fadingthings #superduperlatergram


    Had the pleasure of shooting with Clark Griffiths over the past few months on various things around Florida.  Mostly this consists of me saying, ‘Clark!  What about this?! No wait, what about that?!’ To which he always replies, 'Yeah, that’s cool!’ (You see, he and I have a very complicated communication process).

    Here’s to many more, and thank you for not thinking that I am a loony bird as I run around you at the speed of sound holding 5 swim rings, various people’s shoes and those infamous blue ikea bags full of who knows what!

  • Found: Over 4 years ago I had a random conversation with someone on set about my intermittent collages. I showed him a photo of this one. For the life of me I can’t remember what shoot we were on, where we were, or even what he looked like. All I remember is that he was a very nice person, was sad about losing his father and this unfinished collage hit home. Life got in my way and I forgot about sending it. 3 days ago he emailed saying he was passing through town on work and needed help with local miami artists….and also he jokingly said he never received the collage. I still don’t remember the details (embarrassing), but am touched and sending him this unfinished collage, FINALLY. (at 1111 Lincoln Road)